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Organizational Development

It’s difficult for the same leaders who built an organization to identify strategies to change it.   Staff and Board leaders are frequently the biggest barriers to the very change they themselves what to see.

Scruggs Leadership helps non-profits define a clear, compelling future for their organization.  We then collaborate on strategies to anticipate and overcome roadblocks.   

Every OD strategy is unique, and starts with the question “what are you trying to accomplish and why”?   Most strategies involve training to develop new mindsets.   Virtually all strategies require design and facilitation of “high stakes” meetings to get agreement, address conflicts, and develop commitment to a new path forward.

Examples of OD services offered to non-profits include:

  • Strategy & Strategic Planning – Non-profits are expert in their services, but may lack a clear, sustainable “business model”.   We help non-profits evaluate their current business model and strategy,  then establish strategic priorities to better align their mission with resources and outcomes.
  • Merger / Strategic Collaborative Readiness  - In the private sector, its often said that “Culture eats strategy for lunch”.  The same is true for non-profits.    Too often, organizations consider merging because the potential for a synergistic strategy looks great…on paper.  We help potential collaborators evaluate existing values, cultural norms, and strategic assets to determine fit and potential de-railers.
  • Planning  & executing strategic change:   The challenge of implementing change in an organization is almost always underestimated by even the most visionary of leaders.   Resistance can be greater than anticipated and from unexpected factions.  Unintended consequences can create more problems than the change was ever intended to fix.  We help organizations plan for the human side of strategic change.  

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