Helping leaders see what they can’t see,
and hear what others won’t tell them.



David is a master coach.  He has a deep respect for others and works to bring out the very best in his clients. His gifts are numerous.  He establishes rapport quickly, gets to the heart of the matter, challenges in a way that motivates, provides actionable recommendations, and always maintains a positive and supportive relationship.  His clients tell us that through David’s coaching, they have improved their leadership and their business results. He is one of our highest rated coaches.

Debbie Freedman | The Macy's Leadership Institute | Macy's. Inc


Over 25 years and hundreds of individual clients, Scruggs Leadership has honed a coaching process that enlightens, educates and empowers leaders to transform themselves into the leaders they aspire to be. 

Most coaching clients generally fit into one of the following categories:

  • High potential mid-level leaders being groomed for future roles 

  • Successful leaders leading new, strategic change

  • “At risk” leaders who need to demonstrate greater leadership impact

  • Executive Directors and Small Business owners 


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