What clients say about Scruggs Leadership

David is a master coach.  He has a deep respect for others and works to bring out the very best in his clients. His gifts are numerous.  He establishes rapport quickly, gets to the heart of the matter, challenges in a way that motivates, provides actionable recommendations, and always maintains a positive and supportive relationship.  His clients tell us that through David’s coaching, they have improved their leadership and their business results. He is one of our highest rated coaches.

Debbie Freedman | The Macy's Leadership Institute | Macy's. Inc.


I can't say enough good things about my experience working with David Scruggs.  David was instrumental in helping Piedmont Environmental Alliance find clarity on some big strategic decisions as we transition from a small volunteer-led organization to a sustainable staff-run nonprofit. He has the ability to see the forest through the trees and was able to guide the discussion with our board of directors in a way that allowed them to see the forest too! 

Kristin Wiggins | Executive Director | Piedmont Environmental Alliance


David as executive coach creates a safe space where a leader can grow, learn new approaches, and solve problems in different ways. David challenges me to ask and answer compelling questions, and offers insight into habits, patterns, and motivations. He holds me to a high standard of accountability and leadership while providing support during the journey. 

Sarah Williamson | Executive Director | Humane Society in Forsyth County



David’s work with our staff, and with me as a leader, was more that I could have anticipated.  David spent many hours prior to the retreat to secure necessary information and feedback and was always understanding of time constraints of the private non-profit environment.  David’s work guaranteed we gained the knowledge and insights that meant so much to the success of our retreat.  David was a pleasure to work with and we look forward to ongoing collaboration with Scruggs Leadership, LLC. 

Tim Tilley | Clinical Director | Family Services of Davidson County



David is exceptional at what he does. He provides understanding, direction, support and appropriate challenge in a way that is best received by the individual he is coaching. As I evolved, his approach also evolved. I trust him completely as a coach and as a friend and recommend him highly to any organization truly committed to helping their leaders succeed and grow

David Sweet, Coaching Client | Global HR executive | Kimberly Clark  



David, I can't thank you enough or give you enough credit for helping move PEA in such a positive direction. I am so thankful for your guidance and wisdom!  (We have facilitated their Strategic Planning process with their Board over the last 3 years.)   

Megan Kilpratrick | Board chair | Piedmont Environmental Alliance.   



The“Collaboration" workshop you facilitated for our United Way executives exceeded my expectations.  I admit I showed up out of obligation, but your program took me to a depth I had never been to before.  I’ve been to plenty of training sessions, but your presentation, and the organization of your material was unlike any I’ve experienced.

Nikki Byers | Executive Director | Imprints Cares



David developed a customized performance Coaching module to meet our unique needs. With his team's tremendous knowledge and expertise they delivered in a very tight time frame. David then led several successful training session across the U.S. with tremendous results. He has worked on several programs across different functions of our organization. 

Greg Felts | Reynolds American


 Leadership Program Participants:

David was amazing – he is tremendously skilled at what he does, and found provocative ways to challenge me while still strongly being an advocate and “on my side”.
David was terrific. He helped in many ways, but most prominently in helping me see ways to find the answers in myself.

David’s energy, animation, humor and sincere caring for our development as a group of leaders was wonderful. He kept the focus on our development an was excellent at pulling it all back together. From my observation of David, I also learned a great deal about presenting to a group. Wonderful facilitator!
David was truly dedicated to ensuring that we maximized our coaching session so that I had an appropriate, actionable plan to cultivate heightened leadership skills. Outstanding session!
My coaching with David was my favorite part of the week. I really enjoyed my time with him as we go to the root of opportunities and create easy actions. I felt good about what I had accomplished as well as what I needed to do. This was a great example of collaborative coaching in action! I only wish there could be follow up down the road!

Simply put, David was incredible, and you would never know that he wasn’t actually an employee of our company. He helped us all think in bigger ways and made sure we drew the most out of each point he was making.

David is a one of a kind leader that is able to inspire others with his energy and knowledge.
David was AMAZING! I cried when I said goodbye because of the impact he made. He did such a great job being relatable, funny and encouraging. I loved the way he poked fun of everyone and himself. He created a safe environment and was very engaging.
David was phenomenal. He was engaging and kept the groups attention. Loved his humor and playful attitude while still remaining on topic and keeping the group focused. I have never been so consistently engaged in a group setting before. Especially for 4 days straight! Loved it!