"There is nothing wrong with you
that what's right with you won't fix."

- David Scruggs


Beliefs about people and organizations that govern most of our work:


About Leaders:  

  • Our natural strengths, when leveraged, far outweigh our weaknesses.

  • Leaders are most constrained by their own thinking and self-talk.

  • Self-confidence is THE most precious and fragile leadership resource.

  • Leaders are blinded by their own good intentions.

  • Leadership is a paradox. It demands balancing the impulse to act with the discipline to reflect.

  • Great leaders cause followers to connect with their own inner brilliance. 

  • Weaknesses are not personality traits, they are unchallenged habits.

About Organizations /Teams

  • Organizations are perfectly structured to get whatever results they are getting.  

  • If you want to change results, you have to change structures.  

  • Everything starts with trust.