Leadership Development

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Different non-profit strategies require different skill sets of their leaders.  Scruggs Leadership helps non-profits identify those essential skills required by their strategy, then tailors skill-building programs for different stakeholder groups to ensure effective execution.

Scruggs Leadership programs for non-profits are generally packaged in ½ day increments.  ALL programs share the following attributes.  They are:

  • Highly interactive and participative
  • Conceptually validated, but emphasize practical application
  • Tried and tested through years of development

Examples of programs offered to non-profits include:

  • Systems Thinking and Complex Problem-solving
  • Stakeholder Readiness for Change
  • Collaborative Skills for Cross-functional Effectiveness
  • Board Effectiveness – Aligning Roles and Mindsets
  • Leadership Teams  & Personality dynamics
  • Coaching : Bring Out the Best in Others
  • Powerful Conversations to Resolve Conflict

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