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Executive Director Coaching

Coaching relationships in non-profits are generally reserved for Executive Directors or senior staff who aspire to the ED role.    

Non-profit ED’s have leadership challenges that are uniquely different from their corporate counterparts:  

  • ED’s have “executive roles” as the head of an organization, yet also function like first line supervisors with staff
  • ED’s have an abundance of “bosses” including board members, significant donors, and well intended volunteers
  • If ED’s have grown up through non-profits, their leadership development opportunities have frequently been limited to mentoring and hands-on experience.
  • ED’s transitioning from the corporate arena frequently struggle to adapt to resource constraints and direct reports who don’t appear to be as strategic or groomed as their previous counterparts

Results from a coaching relationship are a function of the Executive Director’s development priorities, but frequently include:

  • Clearer translation of strategic priorities into daily interactions
  • Improved delegation
  • Effective development of leadership team
  • Execution of strategic change
  • Enhanced utilization of Board resources
  • Improved network and fund development

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